structural drift - cover

BURKHARD BEINS: structural drift

1. drift 1 15:23
2. drift 2 20:28
3. drift 3 05:11 - listen to mp3 -

sound sources: e-bowed and propelled zither, analogue synthesizer, e.t., looper, igniters, chimes, wood block, steel band, fire and stones.

all music conceived, recorded, edited and post-produced by burkhard beins at atelier vor den pferdeweiden in april and june 2009
during a sound art residency of künstlerhäuser worpswede.

cover photo and design by dave ball, worpswede, april 2009.

many thanks to bernd milla and tomke braun.

edition künstlerhäuser worpswede, bb1, cd 2009

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structural drift - full cover